IMS Mobile Commerce Solutions help you meet the growing demand of the mobile and social media revolution by offering choice, convenience and security to customers who want to connect to your business using their mobile device. We’re on a mission to make doing business more convenient. We offer a variety of mobile payment options, payment acceptance via a smartphone or tablet to wireless point of sale terminals and other mobile commerce solutions to create simple, secure and convenient experiences-including the new Apple Pay™ .

I really appreciate your excellent service and helping me understand enough about credit card processing in order to obliterate the deceitful claims of the competitors I checked out.
— John Almond, General Contractor/Solar Industry
  • Connect consumers anywhere, anytime to the things they need and want with their mobile device.
  • Increase the safety of doing business on mobile devices with a secure infrastructure.
  • Deliver a seamless mobile commerce experience with integrated applications.
  • Better understand what customers want and create a more personal buying experience with intelligent solutions
  • “Wave and go” mobile credit card processing
  • Solutions that seamlessly integrate mobile wallet applications with an extensive suite of marketing and loyalty solutions
  • Loyalty card information stored on customers’ phones that helps you build new, targeted, and effective loyalty initiatives
  • Offer safe payment options with wireless POS
  • Conduct business on the go with your smartphone
  • Accept payments with your smart phone or table